Time Manager: Time Attendance System

The "right hand" of your business!

Reliable, easy to use, modern and effective...Bluebyte Cyprus' integrated time management system "Time Manager", designed with Atermon Systems' many years of experience, is the most specialized solution for recording and managing the attendance of your company's human resources.

Time Manager's Capabilities:

By installing the Time Manager system, you will have the ability at any time to know about each employee:

  • the time of entering and leaving the company
  • the actual working hours (overtime, etc.)
  • all data concerning the movements of entry and exit, as well as any absences (leave, illness, unjustified absences, etc.)
  • whether the daily work schedule (work schedules fully adapted to the requirements of the undertaking) is respected

Additional Capabilities:

  • access to data by authorised users (managers, HR managers, etc.)
  • preparation of data for the rapid and error-free calculation of payroll
  • checking and processing of data by authorised users
  • periodic examination of data in conjunction with other parameters in order to draw important conclusions
  • direct monitoring of data of several employees in different branches
  • interface with modern access control systems

Contact Information

65, Giannis Kranidiotis Avenue, Latsia, 2220, Nicosia , Cyprus

357 22 464530



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