InsuranceWorks: Insurance Office Management

Insurance Works is the ultimate multi-tool in the hands of the Insurance Intermediaries. More than 3,000 insurance companies and offices in Greece and Cyprus trust us, making us the experts in the insurance sector. At the same time, InsuranceWorks is emerging as the number one insurance application. The complete configuration of the application, covers the needs of all types of businesses. It consists of a single body on which production harmoniously cooperates with the economic circuit.

10 +1 Reasons to trust Insurance Works

Insurance Works helps you to:

1. Organize and manage your clientele with all the insurance companies you work with in just a few clicks. 

2. Communicate automatically with your customers by SMS, email and letters.

3. Get rid of the amount of paper in your office by digitizing your documents. 

4. Improve your business cash flow. 

5. Support the growth of sales networks while managing your partners' supplies and over-supplies.

6. Organise customer collections by automatically updating their tab. 

7. Automatically calculate your commissions.  

8. You control the commissions paid to you by insurance companies. 

9. You control the payments of the insurance companies you work with. 

10. Easily and simply monitor the claims of your clients.

11. Bluebyte Cyprus is always by your side, offering you responsible and immediate technical support as well as continuous updates of the application based on the new Cypriot and general insurance data that arise!

Basic Package & Extra Features

The basic package includes: 

  • Powerful software focused on clients. 
  • Economic circuit directly connected to the production. 
  • Agents management with full customization. 
  • Cheque circuits directly connected to financial transactions. 
  • Creation of Cover Packages Automation of mass renewals and endorsements.
  •  Customization of branch parameters. 
  • Autοmated commission calculations. 
  • Agent pyramid with 9 levels. 
  • Search information using any element of the database. 
  • Bulk email for Marketing purposes and update of the database for. 
  •  Document Management and management of appointments in graphic environment.
  •  Management of customer's, agent's, insurance company's requests with request's history. 
  • Full description of claims using images, history and payments to suffered and provider. 
  • Reports, prints and statistics for all your needs. 
  • Report generator. 
  • Specialized delivery tracking system with automatic process of the policy status.
  •  Bulk SMS. 
  •  Creation and monitor of third party accounts.
  •  Account Work bridge.


It is offered free of charge and is renewed together with the renewal of maintenance contracts.

  • Full synchronization with Insurance Works.
  • Mass sending of personalized messages in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Creation of personalized messages.
  • Checking of previous sends.
  • Bridge to a Cypriot messaging provider at very low prices.

Contact Information

65, Giannis Kranidiotis Avenue, Latsia, 2220, Nicosia , Cyprus

357 22 464530


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