BlueByte Cyprus: Always by your side!

Did you know that with BlueByte Cyprus' annual maintenance contract

you and your business can benefit to the maximum? 

BlueByte Cyprus offers you all its applications with an annual maintenance contract. So with a small cost you ensure the following multiple benefits:

- Free upgrades - application improvements.  All new versions of our programs, including improvements as well as extensions, are provided to you at no extra charge.
Free telephone support. Bluebyte's expert technicians are with you every day, except Saturday, Sunday and holidays, from 9:00 to 17:00 to solve any problem that arises, immediately.
- Free repair of faults in application files created through the fault of the application or the Company will be corrected immediately at the Company's premises, if this is not possible by telephone. The Company is obliged to send a technician within 16 working hours if the problem in question cannot be resolved by telephone or via the internet or by sending files by magnetic media of the Company's choice.
- Free of charge 2 annual routine periodic visits, upon agreement with the Customer, during the term of the contract.
- In addition you will be entitled to discounts relating to additional services and work requested based on a price list.

Contracts delivery is easy & simple!

Did you know that with Insurance Works you can easily and simply

deliver policies to your partners or customers?

With the policy delivery feature in the Insurance Works menu, you can update either individually or in bulk the delivery status of your policies to know at any time if they have been delivered, when they were delivered and who received the policies.

This will avoid any misunderstandings as you will be informed about the status of your contracts at any time! 

IW: Harmonized to GDPR regulation!

 Did you know that Insurance Works is fully aligned with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

Insurance Works adapts to the requirements of modern times and has been harmonized with the GDPR regulation, giving you the following possibilities:
- Your customers' data is protected with Insurance Works, as an entry code is required for each user.
- Your data is stored on your own server giving you total control and full access only to you.
- Finally, in addition to the access rights for each user, GDPR rights have been added which restricts access to customer data for whichever category of user the administrator chooses.  

With Bluebyte's Insurance Works you feel secure because no matter what changes in the Cypriot market you will always have a modern and flexible program, guaranteed by our 3000 installations in Greece and Cyprus so far.

Communicate easily & simply with your customers!

Did you know that with Insurance Works you can easily and simply

communicate with your customers via text messages (SMS)?

Bluebyte Cyprus, adapting to the requirements of the Cypriot market, offers its customers an application for bulk personal messaging. 

Sending messages is now, easier than ever!  This application offers you the following features:

- Full synchronization with Insurance Works.
- Bulk sending of personalized messages in Cyprus and abroad.
- Massive personalized messaging.
- Create personalized personalized messages, including personalized personalized messages, personalized personalized messages, personalized personalized messages, personalized personalized messages, personalized personalized messages, personalized personalized messages, personalized personalized messages, personalized personalized messages, personalized personalized messages.
- Bridge to a Cypriot messaging project at very low prices.

Such an application is important for every professional since you can protect your professional responsibility by keeping your contact details with clients to avoid misunderstandings. 

The messaging app is given FREE* only for customers with an annual maintenance contract. 

 *Messaging purchase cost not included.


Check your supplies easily & simply!

Did you know that with Insurance Works you can control your

commissions that companies pay you based on the receipts?

BlueByte, in line with the Commissioner's Regulation and the Cypriot market, for the attribution of commissions by insurance companies on a receipts basis, has created from day one of the directive, the right tool for you to easily check the correctness of the commissions they attribute to you. That tool is Print 5529 - Customer Receipts by Company (with Commission Inputs). By entering the desired interval in the Customer Receipts tab you will be able to see the commissions in proportion to the receipts made in that interval.

Also for calculating outgoing commissions based on collections there is Print 5528 - Customer Collections by Company.

Reception for the cutting of the annual cake of BlueByte Cyprus, Key Partners & See You Travel

With great success, Key Partners, See You Travel & BlueByte Cyprus, held their annual reception on Saturday, January 18, 2020, for the cutting of the annual cake. The hall of Ginger Reception Halls & Restaurant, in Latsia, was filled with loved ones, friends and partners of the companies in a festive and pleasant atmosphere.

During the reception, the cutting of the cake was performed by the Manager of the companies, Mr. Mario Antoniou, the Honorable Mayor of the Municipality of Latsia, Mr. Christos Pittaras and Father Andreas. The Manager of the companies, Mr. Marios Antoniou, during his speech, among other things, said that 2019 was an important year as the companies and their staff managed to achieve their goals and exceed all expectations.

Despite the fact that 2019 was a satisfactory year, the CEO of the companies, Mr.Marios Antoniou, stressed that no one will be reassured since continuous development, training and adaptation to the new data of the era for the best possible customer service is the main objective of the companies. In the festive atmosphere of the evening, prizes were also awarded to the partners with the most sales as well as a raffle with a variety of gifts.

Contact Information

65, Giannis Kranidiotis Avenue, Latsia, 2220, Nicosia , Cyprus

357 22 464530


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